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i’ve seen more posts of people being excited for Home than this movie, which made me upset because this movie comes out before Home does (not that i am saying that you shouldn’t praise Home as well). and as for Big Hero 6 (a movie that also comes out after the Book of Life) and the people saying that there is a lack of representation of Asians in media, i feel you. why? because there is a bigger lack of hispanics, and i agree Disney messed up, you be upset. but be happy for Hispanics as well because we finally got an animated movie representing us and our culture. so please go see this movie when it comes out.

that is all i ask.

im soexcited about this movie but i keep seeing this post and want to add that everyone should also keep in mind that dia de los muertos is specifically MEXICAN. la muerte (santa muerte) and a lot of what is being depicted is seen primarily in MEXICAN culture and should not be lumped together in its entirety as a “hispanic” thing.

I need to explain a little bit more about the cast, because seriously this is so cool:

The cast of characters in the movie is almost entirely Mexican, save for a few minor characters who (from what I can tell) aren’t relevant to the plot. The voice cast is ALL POC with like 3 exceptions, and most of the cast members are Mexican, meaning that this is a story being told by characters and by people who have a direct cultural connection to it. That’s huge.


5 Days Until the Triumphant, Musical Return of Bob’s Burgers!

Looking for something to do in the meantime? Rent Die Hard and Working Girl and play them simultaneously. They don’t go together, do they?



I’ve seen some posts making this guilt trip of how the people who like to dress up as a sugar skull or the Catrina for halloween or whatever is racist and cultural appropriation.

Nah, it’s completely fine, as long as you are not totally ignorant about it or disrespectful.

Sugar skull represents the deceased, in a joyful manner. And the Catrina is just a social critic which became an icon later on for the day of the dead and Mexico. 

It is not offensive to turn this into a costume or an accessory because it already is, so if you want to dress up like sugar skulls on Halloween, do so, but atleast know it’s value.

Be open minded, don’t even hate, and share this rich culture we have with the rest of humanity, chill.

This post is about that eradicating guilt trip and blaming, and turn it into self awareness


SO i’m feeling hella generous and so to celebrate the fact that so many people follow me now (so many), I’ve finally decided to host a giveaway of sorts! So ye lemme just lay this down for you:


  • FIRST PLACE: Any weeb item from Amiami, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Amazon, Redbubble, or wherever else you want (whether it be figures, memorabilia, props, dvds, osts, cosplay items, accessories, whatever your lil weeb heart desires) under 130$ (not including shipping)
  • SECOND PLACE: Anything under 50$ of pretty much whatever I’ve already mentioned
  • THIRD PLACE: 30$ to spend on all that stuff too (tho I highly recommend the surfs up shinji kun shirt or kaworubunga shirt)

Rules/Other notes:

  • You don’t have to follow me, but I’ll be adding on an extra 20 bucks for new followers, and 30$ for those of you who have followed me before this giveaway! 
  • Please no giveaway blogs
  • Likes count!
  • Reblog as many times as you want I guess
  • If winners don’t respond to their asks within 48 hours of me messaging, another winner will be chosen
  • You gotta be comfortable with giving me your address unless if you just want me to send your stuff to a random homie then ok thats cool
  • Uhhh I’m running out of rules
  • Have fun
  • Eat pizza
  • Also!!! The giveaway ends October 30th at 7PM MST and the winners will be randomly chosen
  • Good luck!!


Damn have you guys seen this?




Shine on you CRAZY DIAMOND